IMS2019 Steering Committee

Executive Committee    
General Co-Chair Mark Gouker  
General Co-Chair Lawrence Kushner
TPC Co-Chair Gregory Lyons  
TPC Co-Chair Timothy Hancock
Marketing and Publications Chair Steven Turner
Finance Chair Andrew Zai
Plenary Session Chair Nicholas Kolias
IMSEC Chair Richard Snyder
Conference Manager Elsie Vega
Exhibition Manager Lee Wood
Director of Exhibit Operations Susie Horn
Marketing and Publications Amanda Scacchitti
Senior Advisors    
IMSEC Chair Richard Snyder
Advisor Manfred Schindler  
Advisor Dick Sparks  
IMS2018 General Chair Sridhar Kanamaluru  
IMS2020 General Chair Tim Lee  
MTT-S Education Committee Ramesh Gupta  
Plenary Session    
Plenary Session Chair Nicholas Kolias
Plenary Session Jozef Modelski  
Technical Program Committee    
TPC Co-Chair Gregory Lyons  
TPC Co-Chair Timothy Hancock
Electronic Paper Management System Sandy Owens
Electronic Paper Management System Manager Kevin Lepine
Workshops Co-Chair Chris Galbraith  
Workshops Co-Chair Jon Comeau
Workshops Greg Flewelling  
Short Courses Mark Stuenkel
RF Boot Camp Chair Kevin Greene  
RF Boot Camp Larry Dunleavy
RF Boot Camp Karen Hall  
Panel Sessions Chair Matthew Morton
Panel Sessions Bo Marr  
Focus/Special Sessions Anton Geiler
Interactive Forum Ken Kolodziej
Interactive Forum Lopez Nestor
Student Paper Competition Chair Joe Bardin  
Student Paper Competition Ahmet (Hakan) Coskun  
Student Design Competitions Mark Hickle
Hackathon Ronan Han ruonan at mit dot edu
Three Minute Thesis  Rui Ma
Three Minute Thesis  John Bandler
Three Minute Thesis  Erin Kiley  
MicroApps Michael Virostko  
MicroApps Steve Lichwala  
Exhibitor Workshops Amit Burstein  
Exhibitor Workshops Dogan Gunes  
Historical Exhibit Dogan Gunes  
Historical Exhibit Steve Stitzer  
5G Summit    
5G Summit Chair Andrew Zai
5G Summit Mike Ziehl
5G Summit Yasmine King
5G Summit Tim Lee  
5G Summit Tim LaRocca  
COMSOC liaison    
RFIC liaison Brian Floyd
Marketing and Publications Committee    
Chair Steven Turner
Co-Chair Rob Leoni   
Marketing and Publications Professional Staff Amanda Scacchitti
Website Editor Mike Parkes  
Website Professional Staff Mark Slater
Website Advisor Tim Lee  
Print Program Book Editor Jackie Vitaz  
Mobile App Editor Patrick Bell
Mobile App Professional Staff Mark Slater
Mobile Apps Advisor Tim Lee  
Microwave Magazine Guest Editor Jason Soric
Microwave Magazine Guest Co-Editor Luke Duncan
Special Event Program Books Editor Janet Nguyen
Local Arrangements / Operations Committee    
Conference Manager Elsie Vega
Conference Management Dillian Waldron
Signage Planning/ morning walk-thrus Steve Lichwala  
Guest Lounge Dick Sparks  
Finance & Registration Chair Andrew Zai
Finance Advisor Mark Gouker  
Treasurer Robert Alongi
Registration Manager Nannette Jordan
Registration Manager Kevin Lepine
Visa Support Zaher Bardai zb@ieee 
Student Volunteer Coordination Chair Akashi Anand  
Guest Lounge Dick Sparks  
Boston events guide book Erin Bernay  
Local SC Meeting Logisitics David Brown  
Focus Groups    
Young Professionals Chair Ryan Lagoy
Young Professionals Janet Nguyen
Women in Microwaves Chair Janet Nguyen
Women in Microwaves Erin Bernay  
STEM Program Curtis Grens  
STEM Program Steve Lardizabal  
Project Connect Christal Gordon  
Project Connect Erin Bernay  
Amateur Radio Social Jeffrey Saunders  
Exhibitor Advisory Board    
Exhibition Advisory Board Chair Yasmine King
Exhibition Advisory Board Mike Ziehl
Exhibition Advisory Board Steve Lichwala  
Support Services    
Photography Jim Lyle
Photography Tammy Lyle