Dynamic Threshold Control and Higher-Order Processes for Magnetics Based Microwave Devices

We report three important results in this work. Firstly, we have demonstrated dynamic control of the nonlinearity threshold for the first time using the field-intensity of a secondary signal. Traditional approaches to controlling the threshold field intensity require replacing the magnetic sample and therefore are not dynamic. Secondly, we have described the effects of the higher-order magnon scattering processes on properties of interest like the magnetic-susceptibility – important for magnetics-based RF devices. Finally, this work features the first micromagnetics-based demonstration of microwave-induced magnetic hysteresis. The resulting bistability is interesting not just from a physics perspective but also for potential applications such as switches and memories. These results hold important implications for all the magnetics-based RF devices like Frequency Selective Limiters (FSLs), Signal-to-Noise-ratio Enhancers (SNEs), etc. Analytical explanations of these phenomena have also been provided, which have been verified using rigorous micromagnetic simulations.