In-Package Additively Manufactured Sensors for Bend Prediction and Calibration of Flexible Phased Arrays and Flexible Hybrid Electronics

An additively manufactured in-package flex sensor for accurate bending prediction of flexible antenna arrays is introduced. The sensor design is thin, flexible and accurate and can be readily embedded within a flexible phased array/FHE package. Additively manufactured flexible phased arrays can be easily integrated with this proposed sensor using an all additive process. A series of bending tests were performed to measure the accuracy of the bending prediction for a proof-of-concept antenna array. Using the dataset collected, the sensor can achieve 90\%\ accuracy in predicting the bend radius in both directions over the antenna array plane. Using a 29 GHz 15x15 element phased array model, results in an 1.04 dB average gain error per missclassification and only 0.071 dB error in total as compared to 10.2 dB average gain error when using a non-calibrated equally phased array.