Additive Manufacturing of a Wide-Band Capable W-Band Packaging Strategy

In this paper we demonstrate a fully additively manufactured packaged W-band amplifier with integrated bypass capacitors. This package was fabricated using a chip-first approach and aerosol jet printing. Package substrates (dielectrics), conductors and interconnects are printed around a bare die attached to a carrier. This package uses shaped ramp interconnects, allowing for frequency agnostic performance of the interconnect with no impedance discontinuity, within the physical limits of the printer. High dielectric constant thin films of a polymer-matrix nanocomposite for bypass capacitors were printed using multi-material aerosol jet printing. The maximum measured packaged gain is 14.9 dB in the W-band, compared to the maximum bare die gain of 15.5 dB in the same frequency range. From 75 - 92 GHz, the average package loss is 1.1 dB including 3 mm transmission line, interconnects, and a GSG launch structure correlating to an average loss of 0.37 dB/mm.