A Single-Ended Coupler-Based VSWR Resilient Joint Mm-Wave True Power Detector and Impedance Sensor

This paper presents the design of a coupler-based VSWR-resilient mm-Wave joint impedance/true-power detector integrated together with a wideband power amplifier (PA) in a 45nm CMOS SOI process. At 38 GHz, the sensor measures the antenna impedance for up-to 3:1 VSWR with a maximum |Г| and ∠Г error of 0.238 and 28.9° respectively. The coupler network also measures the real power delivered to the standard 50Ω antenna load with an error within ±0.5dB for a 16dB dynamic range, as well as sensing the real power delivered to a complex antenna load (up-to 3:1 VSWR) with less than ±3.35dB error. The PA testbed has a 3dB bandwidth of 37.5% (26-38 GHz) and OP1dB bandwidth of 36.3% (27-39GHz). The PA achieves a peak Psat of 17.29dBm, OP1dB of 16.33dB, and Peak PAE of 29.77% at 37 GHz. The PA with sensor occupies an area of 1.31×1.36 mm2, while the sensor takes 0.47x0.971 mm2.