A 35-100GHz Continuous Mode Coupler Balun Doherty Power Amplifier with Differential Complex Neutralization in 250nm InP

This paper presents a 35-100GHz continuous mode coupler balun Doherty PA (CCDPA) in a 250nm InP. The CCDPA employs a new active load modulation network using two coupler baluns in series connection, which, together with Main/Auxiliary (Aux) PA role exchange, achieves Doherty-like back-off efficiency enhancement over a 3:1 bandwidth. Each CCDPA Main/Aux path consists of a two-stage common emitter (CE) PA for optimal power gain and efficiency. Moreover, at the power device level, a novel differential complex neutralization technique is used to achieve broadband double-peak gain/reverse isolation improvement. At 60GHz, the reported CCDPA achieves 27.3% peak PAE with 21.5dBm Psat, 22.9% PAE at 19.3dBm OP1dB, and 19.1% PAE at 15.5dBm (6dB PBO). Overall, the InP CCDPA achieves 18.9-22.6 dBm Psat, 14.7-29.3% peak PAE and 8.2-19.2% 6dB PBO PAE over 35-100GHz, showing ×1.08-×1.4/×2.16-×2.8 6dB PBO efficiency boost ratio compared to normalized ideal class-B/class-A PA.