Instinctual Interference-Adaptive Low-Power Receiver with Combined Feedforward and Feedback Control

Highly adaptive, instinctively interference-tolerant radio-frequency (RF) receivers are in high demand today. To achieve high-interference robustness at low average power, receivers need to be dynamically configured to operate in a low-power mode in absence of interference, and in a high-power interference-tolerant mode as an ‘instinctual’ response to the blocker. In this paper, we present an interference-adaptive receiver with a control loop and on-board commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) components that adapt a 2-6 GHz low-noise amplifier (LNA) from a low-power mode (-10 dBm P1dB, IN≈280mW power) to high-linearity mode (1.5 dBm P1dB,IN≈1.4W power) where the linearity is increased by 11.5 dB (>14×) with a 5×increase in consumed power. With no interference, the control loop automatically brings the LNA back to the low-power mode.