A 20-40 GHz High Dynamic Range HBT N-Path Receiver with 8.9 dBm OOB B1dB and 8.55 dB NF Consuming 130 mW

A millimeter(mm)-wave widely-tunable mixer-first noise-cancelling receiver is demonstrated in 130 nm BiCMOS where an HBT LNTA loaded by a quadrature mixer is protected by an HBT-based N-path filter with linear-periodically-time-varying feedback for impedance transparency providing band-pass filtering. 20-40 GHz tunable, dual-resonant LO buffers use inductance to resonate out the mixer capacitance but still generate 25% duty-cycle LO pulses to reduce overlap-induced loss. The receiver simultaneously achieves +8.9 dBm OOB B1dB and 8.55 dB NF while functioning across an octave in the mm-wave band.