MicroApps & Industry Workshops

The Microwave Application Seminars (MicroApps) and Exhibitor Workshops, offered Tuesday 8 June through Thursday 10 June 2021, provide a unique forum for the exchange of ideas and practical knowledge related to the design, development, production, and test of products and services. MicroApps and Exhibitor Workshops are presented by technical experts from IMS2021 exhibitors with a focus is on providing practical information, design, and test techniques that practicing engineers and technicians can apply to solve the current issues in their projects and products. Theoretical and sales/marketing information is discouraged at these forums. However, the presenters may point out specific features of their companies’ products that help solve the problems, and encourage follow-up discussions at the exhibitor booths.

The MicroApps Seminars are 15 minutes each in duration. IMS2021 MicroApps and Exhibitor Workshops Committee (MIWC) will group and schedule the MicroApps seminars based on subject matter, so that interested attendees may gather information on a specific topic from a variety of industry experts. The grouping also allows other exhibitors seeking industry partners and supply chains, to quickly access all relevant companies and experts with the desired subject matter expertise. The MicroApps seminars are held at the MicroApps theater in the exhibit area, to facilitate easy access (at no additional charge) for all the attendees and exhibitor personnel. Companies presenting the MicroApps seminars are encouraged to invite attendees to participate. The MicroApps seminar presentation materials, i.e., PowerPoint files converted to PDF, will be available electronically through a cloud distribution service at the IMS website and the IMS Microwave Week mobile application (mobile app).

The Exhibitor Workshops are 2-hours each in duration, with one or more presentations. They are awarded to a single company or group of companies to discuss a specific technical topic in much greater depth than the MicroApps Seminars, possibly with live demonstrations and attendee participation. The Exhibitor Workshops are held in a classroom setting, and are open to all registered Microwave Week attendees. Companies presenting the Workshops can invite people to attend the workshop using an “Exhibition Only” free pass to IMS2021 that one may obtain through Horizon House. The Exhibitor Workshop presentation materials (PowerPoint files converted to PDF) will be available electronically to the registered attendees of the industry workshop through the IMS website and the IMS Microwave Week mobile app.