Three Minute Thesis (3MT®) Finalists

This year’s finalists are:

Dieff Vital, Florida International University
Making Self-Diagnosis Smart Using Microwaves (We2B)

Qiming Zhao, University of Toronto
Realizing Virtual Reality for Waves (Tu3A)

Alden Fisher, Purdue University
Communicating at the Speed of Life (Tu1B)

Ajibayo Adeyeye, Georgia Institute of Technology
Let’s Play: Microwave Pong (We1E)

Paula Palacios, HFE RWTH-Aachen
How to Communicate When Things Heat Up (WeIF1)

Renuka Bowrothu, University of Florida
Say Bye-Bye to Spotty Wi-Fi! (We2B)

Hussein M. E. Hussein, Northeastern University
Shout as You Wish, I Can Still Hear My Friends (Tu4A)

Stavros Vakalis, Michigan State University
Security Screening Using Ambient 5G Signals (WeIF1)

Muhammad Arsalan, Infineon Technologies AG
The Human Brain on a Chip (Tu2A)

Valentina Palazzi, University of Perugia
Tireless Ears for Sensing Vibrations (Tu2B)

Patrícia Bouça, University of Aveiro
Living the Larvacean Lifestyle! (We1D)

Shaghayegh Vosoughitabar, Rutgers University
1 + 1 = 1 x 2 (We3C)

Yali Zhang, University of Minnesota, Twin Cities
Make the Connection Using Nanometer-Sized "Joints" (Tu3B)

Soheil Nouri, University of Arkansas
Let's Know Our Enemies Before We Fight Them! (We2D)

Mutee ur Rehman, Georgia Institute of Technology
Developing Microwave Technology for Faster Internet (We2C)

Daniel Chen, Michigan State University
A Marching Band of Antennas (Th1D)

Enrique López Oliver, University of Perugia
Printing our Next Space Communication System (Tu4B)

Andrea Ashley, University of Colorado
This is a Two-way Conversation (Tu2C)

Zikang Tong, Stanford University
Making 99% of the Matter in the Universe (Th1C)

Prateek Kumar Sharma, GLOBALFOUNDRIES
One Hand Clapping Eureka: A New Solution for 5G (Tu1H)

Vijaya Kumar Kanchetla, Indian Institute of Technology Bombay
Radio That Keeps You on Track (Tu4G)

Christopher Sutardja, Stanford University
Portable Imaging of Detailed Features Underneath the Skin (Tu1E)

Ricardo Figueiredo, University of Aveiro
In Science We Trust, But Do Scientists Trust Each Other? (ARFTG)

Divya Duvvuri, University of Virginia
Sensing a New Revolution in Agriculture (WeIF1)

Giordano Cicioni, University of Perugia
Sensing the Environment Like a Sunflower (Th2E)