Project Connect- Impact

Project Connect has run each year since 2014, including two years in a virtual format during the COVID-19 pandemic. There have been 150 student participants during this time who were either undergraduate or graduate students from one of 45 different universities. The ethnic and gender demographics of the student participants is summarized in Figure 3. Notable achievements are having at least 55% female participants and 77% students of color.


Overall response of Participants from 2014 – 2022
The pre program and post program survey responses clearly shows that the students acquire a better understanding of the RF and microwave Industry and related career opportunities. A significant number of students indicate that the program helps increase their interest in the field, that they gain more clarity on what area of interest they would like to pursue and that they  increase their professional contacts/mentors in the field. Some students report that the experience confirmed their commitment and interest in the RF and Microwave engineering field. The experience of participating in Project Connect seems to inspire confidence to engage with professionals in the field following the program. Most respondents also continue to be in the RF/microwave field, either in a job or in graduate school.