IMS2023 Student Paper Competition Finalists

A 26-44GHz 28nm CMOS FD-SOI Slow-Wave Tunable Hybrid Coupler for 5G Application | (Tu3B-3) 

Student Finalist: Gwennaël Diverrez, University of Bordeaux 

Advisor: Eric Kerhervé, University of Bordeaux 


Displacement Monitoring Using Phase- and Quadrature Self-Injection-Locked (PQSIL) Radar | (Th1C-2) 

Student Finalist: Ji-Xun Zhong, National Sun Yat-sen University 

Advisor: Fu-Kang Wang, National Sun Yat-sen University


A Compact Ka-Band Eight-Element Four-Beam Receiver for Low-Earth-Orbit Satellite Communications in 65-nm CMOS | (Tu3C-2) 

Student Finalist: Yuexiaozhou Yuan, Zhejiang University 

Advisor: Zhiwei Xu, Zhejiang University 


High Accuracy Wireless Time-Frequency Transfer For Distributed Phased Array Beamforming | (Tu2C-3) 

Student Finalist: Jason Merlo, Michigan State University 

Advisor: Jeffrey Nanzer, Michigan State University 


A 13-GHz “3D” Near-field Imager employing Programmable Fringing Fields for Cancer Imaging | (Th1B-3) 

Student Finalist: Zong-Jun Cheng, National Taiwan University 

Advisor: Jun-Chau Chien, National Taiwan University 


A 142 GHz 4-5 Dual-Modulus Prescaler for Wideband and Low Noise Frequency Synthesizers in 130 nm SiGe:C BiCMOS | (Tu3E-3) 

Student Finalist: Lukas Polzin, Ruhr University Bochum 

Advisor: Thomas Musch, Ruhr University Bochum


A W-Band Single-Pole Double-Throw Photoconductive Evanescent-Mode Waveguide Switch | (Th2E-3) 

Student Finalist: Erik Der, University of Alberta 

Advisor: Kambiz Moez, University of Alberta 


A 10 Gb-s 275 fsec Jitter Charge-Sampling CDR for Quantum Computing Applications | (We3A-1) 

Student Finalist: Joachim Bas, Technische Universiteit Delft 

Advisor: Masoud Babaie, Technische Universiteit Delft 


A Ka-Band 64-element Deployable Active Phased Array Transmitter on a Flexible Hetero Segmented Liquid Crystal Polymer for Small-Satellites | (We1A-1) 

Student Finalist: Dongwon Yu, Tokyo Institute of Technology 

Advisors: Kenichi Okada, Tokyo Institute of Technology; Atsushi Shirane, Tokyo Institute of Technology 


A 220 GHz Code-Domain Focal-Plane Imaging Radar with 0.78 Degree Angular Resolution for Automotive Applications | (We2B-5) 

Student Finalist: Yinuo Xu, Stanford University 

Advisor: Thomas Lee, Stanford University