A 100W 2.15GHz RF Power Amplifier Device with Novel Matching Network

This work proposes a novel technique to significantly improve bandwidth of pre-matched high power transistor devices for 5G MIMO power amplifier applications. The proposed matching network topology mitigates the issues caused due to coupling effects between elements in the output matching network (OMN). We propose to split the output shunt-L (OSL) bondwire array into forward and reverse bondwire arrays. The bondwire array profiles are optimized to increase negative mutual coupling between OMN circuit elements. We demonstrate the proof-of-concept through electromagnetic simulations and measurement results. The results show a 3.5–5.5× improvement in the quality factor and therefore the bandwidth and output impedance of the packaged transistor device. We also see improvement in gain and linearity with lower output power as a result of wideband matching network.