A Low Power V-Band LNA with Wide Supply Voltage Range Exploiting Complementary Current Reuse and Power Efficient Bias Point

This work presents a very low-power RF LNA operating in the V-band, obtaining excellent RF performance compared to state-of-the-art accomplished through circuit design innovations in topology and circuit bias points. Inductive source degeneration and dual neutralization enable low noise and broadband impedance matching. The device utilizes complementary current reuse and low channel current density to maximize the power efficiency of all amplifier stages. Common mode feedback, combined with complementary current reuse, ensures a wide operating supply range, allowing the device to track its maximum linearity point for a given supply voltage. These techniques enable a wide VDD range of between 0.8V and 1.3V, enabling a tradeoff between power consumption and linearity. This device presents a peak gain of 23.4 dB, 13.6GHz BW, and 4.85dB NF with an IP1dB of -19.7 dBm, enabling an excellent LNA FOM compared to other low power amplifiers in the > 50GHz regime.