A 256-Element Dual-Beam Dual-Polarization Ku-Band Phased-Array with 5 dB/K G/T for Simultaneous Multi-Satellite Reception

This paper presents a scalable, dual-polarized, 256-element Ku-band (10.7-12.7 GHz) SATCOM phased-array receiver (RX) capable of simultaneous reception of multiple data streams. In this design, 16-channel silicon beamformer chips with dual-beam capabilities are used for every 2x2 antenna quad. A dual-channel external LNA is placed at each antenna port for lowest noise and best G/T. Also, two 64:1 Wilkinson combiner networks are implemented on the printed circuit board (PCB) to generate the two simultaneous beams. The dual-beam array results in two separate beams each of which can be independently steered to anywhere in the ±70° cone, and each with a G/T of 5 dB/K at 11.7 GHz (equivalent to a G/T of 11 dB/K for a 1024-element array). Application areas are for Ku-band SATCOM arrays requiring two beams, one for TV reception and the other for connectivity, or used for make-before-brake connection to satellite systems.