Recent Advances on Aggressive Space Mapping Techniques for Waveguide Filters Design and Tuning

Waveguide components in high frequency bands (Ku, K and Ka) are more sensitive to errors in the manufacturing processes, which also introduce additional mechanization effects (e.g. round corners). To cope with these issues, the use of accurate electromagnetic (EM) software tools and tuning elements, has turned into a standard practice. Simultaneously, Aggressive Space Mapping (ASM) techniques have been continuously developed, providing solutions with reasonable computational efforts. This article will review the past advances, and the new trends, in the application of ASM-based techniques to the computer aided design (CAD) and tuning of advanced waveguide filters. A K/Ka-band quadruplet filter and a Ku-band tri-band filter with a folded topology will be designed with ASM schemes. Finally, the practical use of ASM for the automated tuning of waveguide filters will be also illustrated.