Design and Characterization of Metalized Trench Based Waveguide Technology on Glass Interposer for 6G Applications

This paper presents the demonstrations of D-band rectangular waveguides, cavity resonators and waveguide filters applying metalized trenches on glass interposer. The metalized trenches perform as side walls for the fully integrated waveguide structures. The proposed trench is created by laser drilling on the polymer dielectric and metalized through copper plating, which is compatible with the semi-additive patterning (SAP) process for glass interposer fabrication. Supported by the trenches, the designed waveguide shows a loss of 0.31–0.42dB/mm over the D-band, the designed resonator has a loaded Q-factor of 86.13 at 140 GHz, and the designed filter performs an insertion loss of 1.75 dB at 140 GHz with 7.5 GHz 3-dB bandwidth.