Long-Range Vital Sign Monitoring by Using a W Band Heterogeneously Integrated FMCW Radar Sensor

This work presents vital sign monitoring with a W band heterogeneously integrated FMCW radar sensor. A silicon-based MEMS photosensitive composite film fabrication process is adopted to fabricate the radar that exhibits low loss interconnections at millimeter wave. The equivalent isotropically radiated power of the radar sensor is 43.5 dBm by integrating a GaN-based power amplifier; therefore, it has a long detection range. The vital signs are monitored at 6 and 22 m, where the respiration and heartbeat rate are recorded. Results show close agreements with the reality. The 8 cm range resolution is also measured by distinguishing two close corner reflectors. Finally, the vital sign monitoring by different types of radar sensors is compared and concluded.