A Reconfigurable Reflective/Absorptive SPDT Plasma Switch

For the first time, dual-reflective/absorptive SPST and SPDT switches, with the ability to match real impedances, are presented in solid-state plasma technology. Up to 6 GHz, the SPST switch’s measured loss is 0.27 dB, isolation greater than 22.5 dB, and return loss greater than 17.5 dB. The SPDT switch exhibits measured loss less than 0.43 dB, RF-RF and com-RF isolation greater than 28 dB and 25 dB, respectively, and return loss above 16.8 dB, up to 4 GHz. The 50-Ω absorptive switch consumes 46× less dc power than its fully ON state and demonstrates greater than 10 dB return loss up to 33 dBm, and no failure up to 40 dBm. This work shows state-of-the-art results in terms of low loss and absorbed power handling in a novel reconfigurable topology.