Simplified Over-the-Air Noise Figure Measurement Method for Reduced Uncertainty

Receiving systems for mm-Wave applications are increasing in complexity and level of integration. Therefore, crucial metrics such as noise figure have to be characterized using an over-the-air approach. We introduce a simplified version of the reverberation-chamber noise-figure (RCN) method, such that two instead of three calibration steps are necessary for the measurement of noise figure and gain. This reduces measurement uncertainty and removes the need to use a vector network analyzer, so all measurements can be performed with a spectrum analyzer. We show that the measured results and reference value are within each others uncertainty bounds within the 24-28.5 GHz frequency range, validating the use of this method. By using the simplified RCN, the uncertainty reduced from 0.67 dB to 0.37 dB for the noise figure measurement, and from 1.00 dB to 0.75 dB for the gain measurement.