A Gm-Boosting Inductorless Noise-Canceling Low Noise Amplifier in 40-nm CMOS for Quantum Applications

This paper presents a high gain, low power, and compact cryogenic inductorless low-noise amplifier (LNA) in 40-nm CMOS for quantum applications. A common-gate noise-canceling topology is proposed for wideband input matching with a novel current-reuse complementary feedforward Gm-boosting stage for gain enhancement without contributing extra noise in the main noise-canceling stage. A self-body bias (SBB) technique is employed in the complementary Gm-boosting stage to compensate with Vth increment and boost rout under cryogenic temperatures. At 4 K, the LNA attains a measured peak gain (S21) of 42.7 dB with a 3-dB bandwidth of 0.01-2.1 GHz with a minimum noise figure of 0.41 dB at 0.64 GHz and power dissipation of 5.3 mW. The circuit occupies a core area of only 0.017 mm2.