A 4 to 10 GHz 11-mW Cryogenic Driver Module Design for Quantum Computer Application

In this paper, a broadband driver module is realized for control of a single transmon Qubit. The driver module comprises a IQ up-conversion mixer designed for operation at 4 K, implemented using a 28-nm CMOS process as a prototype for multi-Qubit control. The RF port of the driver module offers the conversion gain of 0.3 ± 3 dB at 4 K over the frequency range of 4 to 10 GHz, with a total DC power consumption of 11 mW. The power handling capability larger than -35 dBm enables to effective driving of the Qubit. The driver module performance is demonstrated through the successful control of a single Qubit. Furthermore, the fidelity of 99.32% is measured by injecting a 4.34-GHz 𝛑-pulse signal with a duration of 20 ns, determined through Rabi oscillation experiments.