H-Band Differential Cascode Power Amplifier Achieving 9.5-dBm OP1dB at 260GHz in 250-nm InP DHBT Process

We present a 260-GHz differential cascode power amplifier in the 250-nm InP DHBT process. For the on-wafer measurement or waveguide packaging, on-chip baluns or dipole waveguide transitions were monolithically integrated. From the on-wafer measurement, the peak small signal gain (S21) and 3-dB bandwidth are 19.5 dB at 260 GHz and 25 GHz in the range of 254.2–279.2 GHz, respectively. The maximum output power, OP1dB, and PAEMAX are 10.2 dBm, 9.5 dBm, and 3.1%, respectively, at 260 GHz.