Broadband 770° Phase Shifter for mm-Waves Using Controllable Delocalization of Modal Fields in a Dielectric Rod Waveguide

A metallic structure is introduced into the vicinity of a mm-wave dielectric rod waveguide in order to accelerate the propagating mode and effect a phase change. When in close proximity, a maximum phase change of 770° phase change is observed at 77 GHz, and there is less than 5 dB of transmission loss over the range of 73–110 GHz. This indicates promise as a solution for phase shifter in the mm-wave and THz region. The mechanical translation range of the phase shifter is less than 1 mm, making it compatible with very small form-factor piezoelectric precision motors. In this way, we can get can avoid complicated electronic or optoelectronic tuning mechanisms that increase loss, reduce bandwidth, and raise system cost.