Ka-Band EMI Shielding Effectiveness of Ti₃C₂Tx MXene

A two-dimensional (2D) electromagnetic shielding material from the MXene family that is easy to print, has low mass density and excellent electromagnetic shielding properties has been developed. Titanium carbide MXene (Ti₃C₂Tx) films with thicknesses ranging from 2.7 µm to 6 µm were developed and measured for Ka-band (26.5 GHz ~ 40 GHz) with applications as packaging material for fifth generation (5G) broadband wireless communication systems. As measurement suggests a better than 65.25 dB electromagnetic interference shielding effectiveness (EMI SE) and 81408 dB cm² g-1 specific shielding effectiveness (SSE/t) in Ka-band are achieved. These results suggest that Ti₃C₂Tx film with 2.7 µm thickness outperforms conventional metals such as copper or aluminum often used for EM shielding for 5G applications.