4-Way Microstrip Wilkinson Power Splitter at Frequencies of Millimeter Waves

In this paper, we reflect on the new challenges in the Wilkinson power splitter design for present and future applications at frequencies of millimeter waves. The advantages and disadvantages of various surface mounting configurations are discussed, focusing on easy installation and repeatable RF performance. The paper also outlines our efforts toward the miniaturization, compactness, and geometrical efficiency of the Wilkinson power splitters. Combining Wilkinson 2-way splitters of various power ratios into more complex power distribution networks is a tedious task that requires layout customization and careful tuning of basic RF building blocks. These design considerations are described in the example of a 4-way Wilkinson splitter on Alumina substrate for operational frequency band 25–35 GHz. The design prototypes have been successfully produced and tested with the results presented here.