A New Class of Inline Microwave Filter with Transmission Zeros

This paper presents a novel synthesis technique for in-line microwave filter with transmission zeros. Arbitrary distribution of finite transmission zeros at real frequencies are realizable without the need for cross-couplings and negative couplings. In contrast to classical Chebyshev function filter which is restricted by the minimum-path rule, the new method unlocks the novel in-line topologies realization based on non-Chebyshev function and the reconfiguration of eigenvalues and residues of admittance function. The generation of transfer polynomials for symmetrically and asymmetrically prescribed transmission zeros are presented. Finally, a novel direct technique, not involving optimization, for reconfiguring the matrix into a practical form suitable for realization with microwave resonator technology is introduced. The technique presented is useful for the design of high-performance filter in a variety of technologies.