A Ka-Band 35-dBm P0.1dB Low-Loss Monolithic SPDT Switch Using Anti-Series Diode Connection

In this paper, a Ka-band monolithic high-power low-loss single-port double-throw (SPDT) switch is proposed using a GaAs PIN process. The switch is designed using an innovative anti-series diode connection to significantly enhance 1-dB compression point, since the turned-on issue of the diode can be effectively resolved under high-power driving. Between 25 and 30 GHz, the proposed SPDT switch features a measured insertion loss of within 1.2 dB, an isolation of higher than 20 dB, and an input 0.1-dB compression point (P0.1dB) of higher than 35 dBm. As compared with prior art, this work is suitable for high-power applications in microwave and millimeter-wave bands due to its superior performance and compact chip size.