A 56–67GHz CMOS Phased-Array Transmit Beamformer with 26.2dB Peak Gain, 15 dBm PSAT, and 20% PAE

This paper presents a 60-GHz CMOS phased-array transmit beamformer using analog linearizer in 65-nm process. The beamformer is implemented with input and output (I/O) VDD and ground planes completely separated on chip, and achieves high stability with reverse isolation of > 60 dB. The measured peak gain is 26.2 dB, while 3-dB bandwidth is 56–67 GHz. The linearized beamformer delivers PSAT of 13.6–15 dBm, P1dB of 12–12.8 dBm and PAEMax of 16.8–20% and PAE at P1dB (PAE1dB) of 12.7–15% in 3-dB bandwidth. Under the 2-tone test, the beamformer provides a linear output power up to 7 dBm satisfying IMD3 of <-30 dBc. In addition, the measured root-mean-square (RMS) gain and phase error of <0.56 dB and <4.8° are yielded during 360° phase shift with 11.25° resolution in 3-dB bandwidth, respectively, while controlling gain range of 18 dB.