A 256-Elements Phased-Array Relay Transceiver for 5G Network Using 24GHz Wireless Power Transfer with Discrete ICs

This paper introduces a 256-arrays wirelessly powered phased-arrays transceiver with 24GHz WPT for 28GHz millimeter-wave 5G communication. The 256-elements rectifier-arrays is configured with discrete ICs including GaAs diodes, baluns, DPDT switches and digital ICs. The rectifier can convert a 24GHz WPT signal to DC while providing the frequency conversion between 28GHz and 4GHz IF signal by using a 24GHz WPT as LO signal. The phases of 4GHz IF signals are changed by the 180° phase shifters, configured with two baluns and a DPDT switch, resulting in Tx and Rx beamforming. According to OTA measurement with the 256-arrays prototype module, it can achieve 58% of PCE with 10dBm input power and −18dB conversion gain for Tx-mode. The EVM is also measured with OFDMA-mode modulated signal, compliant with 5G NR and the proposed transceiver can transmit and receive a 64QAM modulated signal with 400MHz bandwidth with 28GHz beamforming.