A Ka-Band RWG Gysel Power Divider and Combiner Based-on Fixed Characteristic Impedance and Resistor-Free Loaded Ports

This paper presents a new design for a rectangular wave-guide Gysel power divider and combiner using a fixed impedance characteristic and resistor-free loaded ports in order to reach a high isolation performance especially at higher frequencies. The new design uses a reference impedance in all the power divider branches without isolation resistors on dedicated load ports. The optimized length of the power divider branches resulting in a more compact and less bulky structure. A parametric study was conducted to fine-tuned the power divider parameters, with a trade-off between size, transmission coefficient, isolation, and bandwidth as guidelines.The design prototype showed an 15% isolation bandwidth of 20 dB around 34 GHz with a transmission coefficient of 3.48 dB over 5 GHz of operating bandwidth. Compared to previous designs, this new design offers the lowest loss and highest bandwidth with a simpler structure.