Meander Line Transducer Empowered Low-Loss Tunable Magnetostatic Wave Filters with Zero Static Power Consumption

This study introduces a novel miniature Magnetostatic Wave Filter (MSWF) based on micromachined Yttrium Iron Garnet (YIG) with meander line transducers. The MSWF achieves a low insertion loss of 2.1-3 dB and over 35 dB isolation while tuning from 3.3-9.7 GHz. Utilizing a zero-static-power miniature magnetic bias circuit, the filter is continuously electrically tunable, compact (1.7 cm³), and consumes no static power. Meander line transducers enhance Q-factor and Figure of Merit (FoM), reducing insertion loss compared to straight line transducers. The device also exhibits superior linearity and increased power handling capability.