Ku/K-Band Low Power Dual-Channel LNAs with Less Than 1.4dB NF for SATCOM Phased Array Applications

This paper presents the design and implementation of dual channel Ku and K band LNAs for SATCOM applications. The IC for each band consists of two identical LNAs with a shared reference current and separate supply voltages as well as RF inputs and outputs. Chips are packaged using a flip-chip-chip-scale-package (FCCSP) technology and placed on PCBs for connectorized characterization. The Ku-Band LNA achieves a minimum noise figure (NF) of 1.3dB and a peak gain of 25dB with a power consumption of 11mW. The K-Band LNA achieves a minimum noise figure of 1.4dB and a peak gain of 22dB while consuming 15mW. To the best of authors’ knowledge, these results demonstrate the state-of-the-art performance in any silicon process.