Enhancement-mode 300mm GaN-on-Si(111) with Integrated Si CMOS for Future mm-Wave RF Applications

A 300mm GaN-on-Si(111) high-k gate dielectric, metal gate-last E-mode GaN MOSHEMT technology is demonstrated with uniform process and wafer characteristics. E-mode GaN MOSHEMT with LG=90nm, LGS=LGD=80nm, is enabled by 300mm process capabilities in MOCVD, ALE, ALD, DUV lithography, and Cu-interconnect. The GaN MOSHEMT shows excellent On/Off characteristics, low leakages, excellent RON, high ID, and fT/fMAX=140/280GHz. A 42GHz mm-Wave power amplifier fabricated in this process for the first time, demonstrates saturated power=25.4dBm, linear gain=22.5dB, and PAE=33.7%. High fT/fMAX is obtained by scaling EOT and LG. High breakdown is achieved with extended gate-to-drain separation and field-plating. Si CMOS is integrated with this GaN technology using 3D layer-transfer technique, and does not alter the RF performance of the GaN MOSHEMT. A record fMAX=700GHz (fT=115GHz) is obtained with LG=50nm GaN MOSHEMT with submicron source field-plate in this GaN MOSHEMT process with integrated Si CMOS. Progress on the PDK development for this technology is reported.