GaN SLCFET Technology for Next Generation mmW Systems, Demonstrating Pout of 10.87 W/mm with 43% PAE at 94 GHz

We report on the development of the Super-Lattice Castellated Field Effect Transistor (SLCFET) technology as a candidate for the next generation of mmW and W-band systems, leveraging the high carrier density and high degree of charge control offered by this device topology for mmW and W-band power amplification. 2x20μm amplifier cells of SLCFET devices were measured using load-pull at 94 GHz using a 12V bias, demonstrating amplifier output power densities of 10.87W/mm with 43% power added efficiency at peak power and a maximum linear gain of 5.4dB. The SLCFET amplifier process attains this power density due to its extremely high current density, with an IMAX of 4.8A/mm, along with its minimal dispersion, with current collapse measured using pulsed I-V at <7%. The SLCFET technology, with its previously demonstrated world class RF switch performance and now record W-band amplifier performance, is ideal for use in next generation mmW and W-band systems.