A CMOS Low Power K-band FMCW Radar Transceiver Front-End for AIOT Application

This paper proposes a low power K-band frequency-modulated continuous wave radar transceiver for Artificial Intelligence-Internet of Things applications, which is fabricated in 65 nm CMOS. To achieve low power consumption, a current sharing low noise amplifier is designed with high gain, low noise, and low power consumption. A mixer biased at Class-B condition is proposed to reduce the requirement of LO driving strength, which also achieves a high conversion gain and low noise figure with low power consumption. Measurement results show the radar transceiver front-end delivers an 8.6 dBm TX output power, a 52.6 dB RX conversion gain, a -33.1 dBm RX IP1dB and 10.2 dB NFdsb @800 kHz across 23-25.5 GHz, while consuming 67 mW from a 0.75-V power supply. The transceiver chip occupies 8.5-mm^2 area including pads.