Beam Control Free 28GHz 5G Relay Transceiver and 24GHz Wireless Power Receiver Using On-Chip Butler Matrix

This paper presents a wirelessly-powered relay transceiver for expanding millimeter-wave 5G coverage. By incorporating an on-chip butler matrix, beam control is free. Beamforming in various directions even without power. The prototype of the proposed relay transceiver consists of array antennas on PCB and on-chip butler matrix and rectifiers fabricated in Si CMOS 65nm process. The proposed relay transceiver achieves in the -45° to 45° beam directions Power is generated by wireless power transmission (WPT)@24GHz, with an input of 0 dBm, achieving RF-DC conversion efficiency of 12.2%. The 28GHz communication performance in RX mode and in TX mode, when using 64QAM 100MHz bandwidth.