Novel magnetic signal processing devices and their implications in system design

In recent years there has been a resurgence in interest in analog signal processing capabilities afforded by magnetic devices. Magnetic materials deposited on suitable dielectric substrates support the excitation and low loss propagation of magnetic excitations, called spin waves. A wide variety of linear and nonlinear functions can be implemented using these materials. In the linear regime, slow wave structures with configurable dispersion characteristics can be realized, including delay lines and filters. In the nonlinear regime, power and frequency selective devices have been demonstrated. he Autotune Filter is a device that takes advantage of frequency selective, power dependent attenuation or reflection to compress the dynamic range of incident signals. As these devices continue to enjoy wider adoption in a variety of RF systems new tools and methodologies are being developed to account for the various unique aspects of their behavior, such as intermodulation distortion, group delay, power threshold and saturation.