Integrated Silicon Lens-Antenna Based on a Top-Hat Leaky-Wave Feed for Quasi-Optical Power Distribution at THz Frequencies

In this paper, we present a quasi-optical power distribution architecture based on the use of an integrated lens antenna that generates a uniform aperture field distribution. By using such distribution in combination with an integrated lens array, an efficient and scalable quasi-optical power distribution can be achieved at THz frequencies. The proposed architecture is based on a leaky-wave waveguide feed that illuminates an elliptical lens with a top-hat distribution. This method can distribute the power from one antenna to a 7-pixel lens array in a hexagonal configuration with a power coupling efficiency of nearly 60%. This scheme could be potentially used for the local oscillator power distribution in heterodyne THz arrays. A prototype at 450–615GHz has been developed and characterized, achieving an aperture efficiency higher than 80%.