Additively Manufactured Flexible On-Package Phased Antenna Arrays with Integrated Microfluidic Cooling Channels for 5G/mmWave System-on-Package Designs

A fully additively manufactured flexible reconfigurable on-package antenna array with integrated microfluidic cooling channel is introduced. The proposed design is a multilayer topology that can be easily embedded within FHE packages, utilizing 3D printing and inkjet printing technologies. A novel 2.5D ultra-wideband antenna array operating from 24-40GHz was designed and fabricated, and a beamformer IC was attached to the inkjet printed antenna array through room-temperature conductive silver paste. The measured radiation pattern of the phased array showed 10.09dBi maximum realized gain with beam steering range from -34° to 34°. The integrated microfluidic channel was SLA printed and the monitored temperature change of the IC showed 10°F drop in 5 minutes. This low cost and low temperature fabrication process using additive manufacturing can be effectively applied to many 3D printed materials that are sensitive to thermal treatment, as to next-generation multi-chip module integration on flexible materials for 5G/mmWave system-on-package designs.