Antenna-Coupled Terahertz Detectors in 16nm FinFET

This paper presents an on-chip antenna-coupled terahertz (THz) power detector implemented in a 16nm FinFET technology. The detector takes advantage of the transistor non-linearities to output a rectified DC signal proportional to the input THz signal power. Both a dipole and a folded dipole antenna are designed on-chip to characterize the detectors from 170-700GHz. The detectors achieve a maximum responsivity of 121kV/W and 74.5kV/W for a dipole-coupled and folded-dipole-coupled detector, respectively. A minimum noise-equivalent power (NEP) of 5 pW/√Hz at 589GHz is measured for a dipole-coupled detector and 8.2pW/√Hz at 560GHz for a folded-dipole-coupled detector.