Analysis of Two Wirelessly Locked Oscillators Based on Realistic Nonlinear Oscillator Models

Wirelessly locked oscillators have been proposed for compact, high-sensitivity, and low-consumption tag-reader communications. However, their analysis is, in general, too simplified for a realistic prediction of their behavior. In this work, we present, for the first time to our knowledge, an analysis method based on fully nonlinear models of the two oscillator circuits, extracted from harmonic balance. These numerical models are introduced in a semi-analytical description of the coupled system, which is solved through interpolation and contour-intersection procedures. All the coexistent solution curves are obtained in a single simulation that is not subject to convergence processes and, thus, does not require continuation techniques. The analysis reveals the complex structure of the solution curves and facilitates the understanding of the system's behavior. Though illustrated through a wireless system, the method can equally be applied to oscillators coupled through passive networks.