An All-Electronically-Scanned Antenna Measurement Technique For Rapid Performance Characterization by Using a Circular Array of Reflection Surfaces

This paper presents an all-electronically scanned antenna pattern measurement technique (AESAP) based on the distinct feature of controllable reflection angle of the reflection surface (RS). The purpose of AESAP is to provide a rapid, cost-effective test system for fast development, pre-qualification, or pass/fail determination in the production line. The RSs with different reflection angles are arranged in a circular arch. The antenna under test (AUT) is located at the center of the arch, while another beamforming phased array, used as the source, is placed above the AUT. Therefore, any forms of mechanical rotation on the antenna under test (AUT) and/or the source antenna are not required. The calibration issue associated with this new structure is also investigated to suppress the multiple reflections and inter-surface coupling effects.