Miniaturized Ultrawide Bandwidth WiFi 6E Diplexer Implementation Using XBAW RF Filter Technology

In a WiFi 6/6E system, simultaneous operation of bands such as UNII-1 to UNII-4 (HB) and UNII-5 to UNII-8 (UHB) is desirable for high data rate. This presents a critical challenge in which the system needs to have ideally a minimal loss between UNII-1 to UNII-4 while providing > 50dB of isolation from Channel UNII-5 to UNII-8 and vice versa. This paper demonstrates measured hardware in which less than 3 dB of loss is achieved in the pair of passbands and isolation is measured at 50dB level. The typical -3dB bandwidth of this filter pair that is configured in a diplexing mode, is 750MHz and >1GHz respectively. This is achievable by utilizing very high performance XBAW technology.