H-Band Differential Cascode Power Amplifier Achieving 9.5-dBm OP1dB at 260 GHz in 250-nm InP DHBT Process

We present a 260-GHz differential cascode power amplifier in 250-nm InP DHBT process. For the on-wafer measurement or waveguide packaging, on-chip baluns or dipole waveguide transitions were monolithically integrated. From the on-wafer measurement, the peak small signal gain (S21) and 3-dB bandwidth were 19.5 dB at 260 GHz and 25 GHz in the range of 254.2 – 279.2 GHz, respectively. The maximum output power, OP1dB and PAEmax were 10.2 dBm, 9.5 dBm and 3.1%, respectively, at 260 GHz.