Instrumentation for the Time and Frequency Domain Characterization of Terahertz Communication Transceivers and their Building Blocks

A novel millimeter-wave to submillimeter-wave instrumentation setup for the characterization of transceivers and their functional building blocks dedicated to 6G Terahertz communication is presented. The measurement system comprises wideband frequency up- and down-converters into the WR10 and WR3.4 band, coupled to a novel directional coupler which allows for the calibration of wideband complex modulated signal in terms of vectorial signal distortion in the RF domain. Using predistortion of the baseband input signal, the calibration plane can be shifted to the input and to the output of a device-under-test. We present the input and output-related calibration of amplifier modules at 77.5 GHz for QPSK and 256-QAM modulation with 1 and 4 GBd as well as at 300 GHz for QPSK and 64-QAM modulation with 16 GBd and 1.6 GBd symbol rate. The calibration in the RF domain reduces the error-vector-magnitude by an order of magnitude.