A Compact Multi-Channel CMOS Frequency Multiplier for Millimeter-Wave and Terahertz Signal Generation

This paper presents a compact multi-channel CMOS active multiplier in a single chip which output generates the three different signals from V-to G-band frequencies. A meandered marchand balun and active power divider enable to minimize the overall chip size and achieve the wideband operation. The active power divider provides a wideband gain response as well as a constant gain variation according to the different load impedances. Therefore, the chip can provide independent output sources from 52 to 252 GHz with a Ka-band input signal in 40-nm CMOS technology. The proposed chip has achieved maximum output power of 2 dBm with 3-dB bandwidth of about 20% (52~66 GHz and 106~132 GHz). The peak output power at 208~252GHz is -4 dBm and the 3-dB bandwidth is 32 GHz. The chip consumes 275 mW (all paths turn on) with an area of only 1.17 mm² including bonding pads. This is the first demonstration of a multi-channel active multiplier operating up to G-band with a compact chip size.