Novel mm-Wave Oscillator Based on an Electromagnetic Bandgap Resonator

This paper introduces a novel millimeter-wave (mm-wave) oscillator concept based on an electromagnetic bandgap (EBG) resonator (also called a photonic crystal resonator). To realize an ultra-low phase noise MMIC oscillator, a low dielectric loss and high resistivity dielectric material is employed with an electromagnetic bandgap determined by a periodic arrangement of two contrasting dielectric permittivities with a reduced mode dielectric filling factor of 47%. The measured results of the resonator demonstrate an unloaded Q-factor of 108,300 can be achieved at 45 GHz. Preliminary measured phase noise levels of −91.5 dBc/Hz, −121.5 dBc/Hz and −133 dBc/Hz are obtained at offset frequencies of 1, 10 and 100 kHz, respectively.