A 74.8–88.8GHz Wideband CMOS LNA Achieving +4.73dBm OP1dB and 6.39dB Minimum NF

This paper presents a 74.8–88.8 GHz low-noise amplifier (LNA) in a 55-nm CMOS technology. The LNA employs one common-gate (CG) stage, one common-source (CS) stage, and two cascode stages. A hybrid broadband interstage network (HBIN) is developed to extend the amplifier bandwidth. An inductor-feedback common-gate-shorting (IFCGS) technique is proposed to improve the gain and output 1dB compression point (OP1dB). An out-of-phase-dual-coupling (OPDC) transformer structure is also developed to achieve gm-boost and reduce the noise of the CG stage. Benefiting from the proposed techniques, the LNA achieves a measured -3dB bandwidth of 14 GHz, a 17.1 dB peak gain, a minimum noise figure of 6.39 dB, and 4.73 dBm OP1dB at 80 GHz while consuming 72.4 mW of power.