Justify Your Trip

Why Should You Attend IMS2024?

IMS2024 is the premier event where thousands of RF and microwave professionals will gather this June for networking, education, and to visit the exhibition. For 70 years, IMS has brought together a unique mix of international experts presenting the latest research and showcasing the newest products and services. In addition to IMS, this week of learning and networking also includes the RFIC conference, 103rd ARFTG conference, and numerous workshops, technical lectures, and boot camps.  You can gain the knowledge you need to achieve your professional goals in one single week.

Networking: There are numerous formal and informal networking opportunities throughout the week designed to help you connect with fellow members of the RF & microwave community. No other event in the industry offers access to as many technical experts, peers, and product representatives, or provides as good a forum to exchange ideas and meet the people who truly move our industry forward. 

Education: Explore current best practice principles, recent tools, and techniques. Learn about cutting-edge theories and practice from around the world. Attend and participate in stimulating and thought-provoking discussions.

550+ Exhibiting Companies: This is the only opportunity to talk shop with hundreds of exhibitors and discover the latest trends and advancements in materials, devices, components, design and test solutions, and services. You will be able to test drive equipment and ask questions along the way. This will set you up to make more informed decisions all year long.

Registration Options: Choose from numerous and diverse training courses, theme forums, technical sessions, and topic-specific workshops in your customized registration.

Paper Submission at a Future IMS: Observe technical presentations and consider submitting a paper for your peers at a future IMS. 

How to Justify Your Attendance?

  1. Explore all the options for technical sessions and courses available and make a list of all the classes that align with your current objectives.
  2. Create a sample agenda to display to your organization that your time will be used wisely.
  3. Make a list of all the exhibitors that you wish to meet and discuss how relationships with these companies could be beneficial to your organization.
  4. Outline a few overarching objectives that you hope to fulfill at IMS2024 and Microwave Week.
  5. Articulate how your attendance to IMS can benefit your current goals.

With all these benefits of attending, it is hard to imagine a more productive way than spending one week at IMS2024 in Washingtonm DC!

Need more reasons to attend IMS2024? Below are additional resources for your reference:

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Sample Attendance Justification Email:

Use the sample email correspondence below as a starting point for putting together your own request for attendance. This sample letter aims to outline the value of attending IMS2024.

Dear <Manager>

I would like to attend IMS2024 and Microwave Week on 16-21 June 2024 in San Washington, DC. IMS is sponsored by the IEEE Microwave Theory and Technology Society and is the premier event in the industry.

The conference features many industry guest speakers, keynote speakers, workshops, technical presentations, and networking events that will significantly benefit my work. I will have the opportunity to hear real success stories from industry and academic leaders that will challenge my current way of thinking. I hope to leave IMS2024 with actionable insights on my designs. 

Networking with exhibitors will prove to be invaluable for me. I plan to visit three key exhibitors at the conference < insert three exhibitors> to help assist me with <, i.e., our current budget restructuring needs>.

Please visit ims-ieee.org for more details.  After IMS, I would be happy to deliver a short presentation with a Q&A to share what I have learned with the team. 

I am confident you will see this as a worthwhile investment. It is an opportunity for me to network with exhibitors, meet with keynote speakers and other presenters, attend valuable technical sessions, and gain specific industry knowledge. My attendance at this conference is a wise investment and will pay off in the months ahead.

Your Name